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Ellenroad Engine House

The world’s largest working steam mill engines, Victoria and Alexandra are caged in the engine house of a former spinning mill.

The mill itself, dating to 1890 and rebuilt in 1916, was pulled down in 1982, but the engine house and its boiler chimney were saved.

Victoria and Alexandra were installed in 1917 and together form a twin tandem compound steam engine capable of 3000 hp and so believed to be the most powerful in existence.

Also in working order are Ellenroad’s mill pilot generator engine and sprinkler pump, as well as two more engines sourced from other factories, and the remnants of a third currently being restored.

Victoria and Alexandra are woken from their sleep during Steaming Days on the first Sunday of the month.

There are non-steaming days weekly on Tuesdays, Sundays (outside the first Sunday) and the first Saturday of the month, when the engine house is open and you can take a look around.

Ellenroad Engine House
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