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Hollingworth Lake

Excavated in 1800 to feed the Rochdale Canal, Hollingworth Lake evolved into a tourist escape in the Victorian period.

You can see why, as the reservoir has a location full of drama, looking north and east to the Pennines and the distant gritstone escarpment of Blackstone Edge.

Captain Matthew Webb, the first man to swim the Channel in 1875, trained at Hollingworth Lake.

Since the 1970s the lake has belonged to Rochdale Council as a country park and has been revived as a leisure amenity.

There’s an activity centre on the west bank for sailing, kayaking and canoeing, rowing and windsurfing.

Around the shore to the north is the visitor centre, which houses a cafe, a permanent exhibition of local heritage and wildlife and a small art gallery.

You can also pick up a fishing licence at the centre, and see if you can land one of the lake’s many carp, roach, tench, bream and perch.

Hollingworth Lake Water Activity Centre

Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre 

Hollingworth Lake
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