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Work Experience

What is it? 

The Department of Education's definition of work experience

"A placement on employers premises in which a student comes from an education setting and carries out particular tasks and duties such as an employee would but with emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience"

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It gives young people the opportunity for involvement in a workplace.

It helps the student understand how the world of work operates and how it differs to school.

Working and gaining experience with all types of ages, religions and ethnicity.

Benefits students who know exactly what career they would like. They are able to see what goes on day to day in their chosen career.

It gives employers the chance to raise their profile in the local area and be involved in developing the future workforce.

It helps develop a wide range of skills and puts them into practice.

Work experience can help students who are unsure of what career they want. They can see if a certain career will suit them.

Helps the student gain extra knowledge on their chosen career-ready for college/university in the future.

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10 reasons as to why work experience is beneficial for you...


Young people who have completed some good work experience placements are more likely to be successful in their job hunt.


If you are struggling to pick a career you think you will like, doing work experience is the perfect way to sample and get a feel of the many career options in healthcare.


If you know exactly what you want to do, doing work experience in that sector is one of the best ways to get a sense of the industry. You can speak to employees and ask them all your burning questions so you know exactly what it is like.


It shows passion and real interest in what you have chosen to study and career. Doing work experience shows employers that you are a motivated individual and that you have really done your homework.


If you are really unsure about what you want to do, work experience might give you the motivation to pull your socks up and really look into the career options available in the NHS. (There are absolutely loads!!)


As you have probably heard... Work experience introduces you into the world of work and learning what goes on in a working day. You can learn how to become workplace savvy and learn to navigate your way through the many job roles in a working environment.


It can help you identify the skills you have already and it can actually highlight areas where you may need to improve or you may even experience something you have never heard of or done before, which you may be interested in.


If you impress the employer, this may mean some amazing feedback to your school... brownie points!!
On a serious note, being professional and willing to learn can make you stick in an employers mind!


Work experience isn't just for the experience, it is also good as you can network with managers and employees. They may remember you in years to come!


Work experience is brilliant to put on your CV. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase all the things you have done during your work experience and show you are interested.

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