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Amanda Clegg

Head of Operations

Amanda has worked in the primary care arena, specifically across primary care commissioning and contracting, and within Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale (HMR), for over thirty years.

During her time at the PCT / PCT / NHSE and the CCG, she has managed all contracts and budgets on behalf of the employing organisation for primary care contractors within HMR.

Key areas of responsibility included development and delivery of plans for key NHS policy initiatives and changes affecting primary care, which often require tact, diplomacy and negotiation skills to ensure delivery; commissioning services from independent contractors; performance management; implementation of and delivery of development/action plans, implementation of new local initiatives

Within RHA, Amanda is responsible for the delivery of primary care developments and contracts, corporate organisation and governance, and the contracting and financial elements of the organisation.

Due to the nature of the relationships between independent contracts and the NHS, it is an area that is innovative, gets things done quickly and no two days are ever the same, some days frustrating but ultimately always rewarding.

Amanda Clegg
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