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Briana Martin & Sophie Haynes

Amazing Addition Award
Briana Martin & Sophie Haynes

Briana and Sophie job share the Care Co-ordinator role at Peterloo Medical Centre, and only started in this role end of February 2024, replacing a departing staff member.

Both of them have absolutely revolutionised the role in their respective areas of work with more efficient processes being implemented by them both and also picking up and correcting some screening areas that had been coded incorrectly in the prior 12 months that affected our Practice targets. Both Briana and Sophie were receptionists at the practice, but all of the duties within their roles were completely brand new to them.

Both have absolutely thrived in their new roles, bearing in mind that their new roles require chairing of meetings, writing of minutes, dealing with outside agencies relating to sensitive areas such as Safeguarding and End of Life Care.

As their manager, it has been an absolute joy to watch both these staff members transform from fairly quiet staff members to very confident staff taking up lead roles within the practice.

They have developed an amazing relationship with the Patient Participation Group also, arranging clinical and outside speakers such as Health Watch Rochdale to attend the meeting. Feedback from PPG members has been excellent for both. They should both be very proud of what they have achieved in such a short space of time.

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