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Core Plus Services

What is Core +

The Core+ scheme is designed to improve outcomes and reduce variation across the whole of the Rochdale borough, covering a population approximately 241,953 registered patients. Core + is delivered by ALL practices across Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale.,

Core+ consists of themes, with each theme containing sub indicators which must be achieved. The majority of the targets are boroughwide targets.

The themes are as follows:


A range of factors contribute to improving access for patients. This is intended to minimise variation and improve overall satisfaction with General Practice access


The aim of this theme is to support greater collaboration between health and social care providers to ensure patients’ needs are met. It means moving away from episodic care to a more holistic approach to health, care and support needs, that puts the needs and experience of people at the centre of how services are organised and delivered.

Workforce Transformation

The workforce represents the greatest resource in delivering greater outcomes and integrated care. Transformation of our Workforce will enable HMR to attract, recruit and retain a high quality effective workforce with core skills, competencies, knowledge, behaviours and values to meet patient needs to deliver person-centred care.

Boroughwide Enhanced and Clinical Services

The boroughwide services are designed to ensure equity of access and provision for all HMR registered patients. All patients have access to the following services in a primary care setting.

  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Testing

  • Gonadorelin Analogue Treatment

  • Near Patient Testing (NPT)

  • Ring Pessary

  • Minor Surgery

  • Special Allocation Service

  • Health Checks and South Asian Health Checks

  • Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

  • Screening & immunisation - supporting increased uptake to key immunisation and screening areas such as influneza, bowel, breast and cervical cytology

  • Homeless Alliance Response Team (HART)

Performance and Quality

This theme focuses on driving up quality in key areas, such as where appropriate patients have all the relevant checks and tests for at the intervals required and support practices to review processes that will help them to audit, review and improve services.

This theme focuses on reducing variation between practices and increasing uptake of the borough in key areas such as health prevention and promotion i.e. cervical, breast and bowel screening; flu uptake and reducing inappropriate use of A&E.

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