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Jake Riley

Clinical Excellence Award
Jake Riley

"I am writing to nominate Jake Riley, a dedicated nurse leading the newly developed Mental Health Living Well team in Pennines, for the clinical excellence award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to mental health care and team leadership.

Jake has been at the forefront of this new service for the past six months, guiding it from its inception to a robust and highly effective support system for individuals struggling with mental health issues. His exceptional ability to connect with and support these individuals is truly remarkable. He demonstrates deep compassion and unwavering dedication, ensuring that each person he works with feels heard, valued, and supported.

Jake’s leadership skills are equally impressive. He fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment, bringing the team together with his positive energy and open communication. He is always available to support his colleagues, offering guidance and encouragement whenever needed. His efforts have not only strengthened the team but also enhanced the quality of care provided to our community.

His commitment to going above and beyond in his role is evident in his daily actions. Whether it’s spending extra time with a patient in need, developing new initiatives to improve service delivery, or simply being a reliable and supportive colleague, Jake embodies the qualities of an exceptional nurse and leader.

I wholeheartedly believe that Jake deserves to be recognised for his extraordinary contributions to our community and the field of mental health. His dedication, compassion, and leadership make him an exemplary candidate for this award."



A huge well done to our SMHP Jake and team for the immense efforts and dedication with integrating the new Mental Health Living Well Service model for the patients of Pennines PCN. This is an invaluable service which has provided a huge amount of capacity in an area which our GP Practices alone could not match the demand. Your service has not only proven its benefit with our patients, but has massively relieved the strain on our general practitioners and GP Practice staff.

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