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Kath Bergin

Office MasterChef Award
Kath Bergin

She cooks the best donut cupcake things and always feeds me.


I had only been at RHA for a few weeks and Kath had already cooked me dinners and I will never forget the curry hahaha as someone who finds mayo spice this was a shock to the system xxx but truly amazing


Kath loves to try new recipes for tasty cakes in the RHA office - and there is always more that enough to share and sometimes seconds :)


Kath is constantly bringing in amazing cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats. She spends a lengthy amount of time on these treats, creating the cake, design, and added extras to really make it special. Kath has often gone around the office to see what others like, and tries to bring things in based on their preferences as a way to make someones day. Everyone is grateful for these gestures.


Always bring in homemade cakes and goodies looking after us RHA staff you'll never go hungry when Kath is around.


An amazing chef and a genuinely lovely human being, more than deserves this award


Kath really looks after us in the office. She brings treats to go with our morning brews, for lunch we get curry, cheese and onion pie and even sandwiches but my favorite is her delicious cakes and buns. we never go hungry in our office.

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