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Lisa Mitchell

Wellbeing Award
Lisa Mitchell

If i can nominate Lisa everyday, I would.  Since taking over the role of our Practice Manager almost 3 years ago, she has completely turned it around. She has ensured our working environment is a nicer place to be i.e., part revamp in many areas both clinical and non clinical, employed more staff to take the pressure of in many areas, invested in staff to upskill when they have shown and interest and worked with the partners to increase pay to ensure that all staff members are fully appreciated.

On top of all this, she has always been considerate and fair with all staff members, arranged wellbeing events for the staff and ensures that staff are fully supported in their working environment.

Even after having a tough year herself personally, Lisa always manages to come in with a smile for everyone and still keeps a lovely approachable manner.

If Carlsberg did Practice Managers.....

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