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Sue Moncaster

Above the Call Award
Sue Moncaster

"Sue has worked so so hard to make the Access Service what it is today. She has worked tirelessly day and night put in extra hours at the weekend and still comes into the team with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. 

She has great relationships with the bank staff and all value her just as much as our team does.

She is very passionate about the clinics that are held and ensuring patients have the best experience they can.

Sue worked so hard on introducing Cytology into the service and we are all so proud of her every day.

She makes us smile so much and is always there for us whether its a bad or good day.




For always stepping in and going above and beyond for the team.



"I strongly feel this award should go to Sue as I believe her commitment to the role she has is so admirable given it is an extremely difficult area to manage logistically and mentally due to so many moving parts/ changes in circumstances.

I have worked with many people and organisations that manage the coordination of services and I know this is not an easy task to manage, however, Sue is just built differently and still does it with a smile on her face, which I have not seen before and is a first for me haha. 

she has an amazing commitment to her role and team and works all the hours this universe sends to ensure everything continues to run smoothly for patients and clinical staff (amazing)"

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