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Red Carpet Entrance

Amanda Clegg

Leadership Award

Runner Up

I have met an awful lot of people in the same position as Amanda throughout my previous career, up and down the country but I can confidently say I have never met someone like her before.

She is truly an inspiration to me because of her ability to problem-solve, multi-task, dynamically learn, and think incredibly logically within high-pressure situations alongside her amazing wealth of knowledge.

All of this while being literally one of the most caring and understanding people/ employers I have known in my lifetime.

These { Personal settings :) } often come separate in people or are turned off by default and take years of character-building to understand, however, I can see in Amanda her qualities are very real or True Grit because of this she creates an atmosphere that breeds creativity, forward-thinking and freedom to innovate for me personally which I think many others will agree.

Thank you so much :)

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