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Red Carpet Entrance

Dr Andrew Aziz

Above the Call Award

Runner Up

Andrew is so helpful and approachable. Andrew is always willing to help patients the best he can and is extremely efficient and thorough.


Andrew always goes that extra mile for any patient, he will call the hospital for them call patients about meds request, take calls from patients when they have query.


Dr Aziz is always willing to deal with any unexpected patient queries, worries etc in a timely manner.  He always ensures patients receive the appropriate treatment even when this is out of his working hours at the Practice.


Dr Aziz works so hard at the practice he goes above and beyond for the patients at the practice and really helps the admin team out by promptly completing and admin tasks sent to him


Will help out of hours, always happy to take a call. Always helpful, caring and knowledgeable. Lucky to have him work with us at the VMC


Dr Aziz goes over and above his normal duties, he will make sure that patients and staff are given the care and support that is needed and go out of his way at times to do this.

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