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Pennine Pharmacy Team

Amazing Addition Award

Runner Up

"Not sure if this counts as a new addition but this team is new to our way of working in terms of the Clinical Pharmacy roles - please feel free to move this to another category if it fits!


Since the publication of NICE guidelines on chronic pain and opiates as well as individual targets set to reduce benzodiazepine and other medications of potential abuse, I have been working really closely at Pennine Surgery and Village Medical Centre with our excellent team of clinical pharmacists.

They are always happy to initiate and follow up on what can be very difficult conversations /consultations with regards to medications with addictive potential in a very difficult patient group who are often in pain, depressed and fearful of reducing these medications.

There is often angst as well as anger when the suggestion is made to reduce medications which the patient feels still benefit them and to help them to understand the harm.

The team have even agreed to meet and do joint consultations with me and we have much lower numbers of high dose opiate and benzo users thanks to these. I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks - Dr Aggy York"

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