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Greenbooth Reservoir

There are spellbinding walks to be had at this string of four moorland water reservoirs to the north-west of Rochdale.

The three upper reservoirs to the north were completed in 1846 in the steep valley above the village of Greenbooth.

But as Rochdale grew in the post-war years another reservoir was needed, and so the village was wiped from the map.

The lower reservoir was opened in 1965, and on the side of the dam is a plaque in memory of the village.

There’s a choice of walking loops on this natural ledge overlooking Greater Manchester, letting you explore the landscape for anything from 30 minutes to several hours.

In this rugged Pennine setting you’ll be in the company of flocks of sheep, and will have views to savour to the south, and across to Yorkshire in the east.

Greenbooth Reservoir
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