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What We Offer

HMR Primary Care Academy (HMRPCA) offers a variety of learning and development opportunities for the primary and community care workforce in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale. 

As an academy, we have core functions that were identified by Health Education England (HEE). These are centred on placements, workforce planning, recruitment, new roles, retention and place-based tariffs. 

We are working on the accompanying pages which describe each of the core functions in more detail and how we are delivering against each of them.


A brief summary of each can be found below. 

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Water Celebrations

We are developing placement opportunities for students in primary and community care settings. This includes those looking for school work experience up to the post-graduate level. 

We also support staff to develop the mentoring and supervisory skills needed to successfully manage student placements. 

Our focus in 23/24: 

  • Increasing opportunities for students to learn in primary and community care settings 

  • Training and supporting health and care professionals to become educational and clinical supervisors



We are developing educators across the HMR Integrated Care System. 

Our focus in 2023/24: 

  • Training and supporting health and care professionals to become educational and clinical supervisors 

Training & Education

More exciting updates to follow!

Please check back soon...


We are supporting HMR Primary Care Networks (PCNs) with their succession planning. This includes collating workforce data and developing workforce planning strategies. 

Our focus in 2023/24: 

  • Working with primary and community care providers to create workforce investment plans for every PCN 

  • Understanding the learning and development needs of the primary and community care workforce through a Training Needs Analysis survey 

  • Establishing communities of practice (peer support networks) for different job roles 

  • Evaluating the introduction of the GP Assistant across the Midlands and establishing a second cohort of trainees 

  • Facilitating access to the apprenticeship levy which fully funds apprenticeship training costs

New Roles

We are supporting the rollout of the new roles within primary care that are highlighted in the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS). 



We are developing strategies for retaining the skills and workforce. 

Our focus in 2023/24: 

  • Supporting the transition from student training to independent practice, for doctors, nurses and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in primary and community care 

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