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Being There – Life Limiting Illness Support

Being There was founded in 1982 by people with cancer for those with concerns about the disease. Since then the charity has grown to offer new services to the people of Greater Manchester living with or affected by cancer and other life-limiting illness such as strokes, heart and respiratory diseases.

Being There has a network of trained volunteers who give emotional support and practical help which may be one-to-one at home, online or over the telephone. Services are tailored to each individual or family, but they can include:

  • Listening and befriending: talking through difficulties and concerns

  • Respite sitting, allowing carers time to themselves

  • Practical help such as taking people shopping

  • Driving and support for a hospital appointment or treatment

  • Social activities, days out, coffee mornings, relaxation sessions

  • Group support

  • Information about local services and support networks

  • All support services are currently provided free of charge, although there is a suggested minimum donation of £5 towards hospital transport.

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