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Cervical Screening

As we should all know, it is vitally important that your cervical screening tests are kept up to date with your clinic.

Recently there have been home testing kits been made available online costing upwards of £50. Please be aware that any results from these kits will not be recognised by the NHS – even if they have returned a positive result and will not be added to your patient records, you will still be required to attend your surgery when your smear is due.

If you have cause for concern then make an appointment with the practice nurse at your local clinic, all of whom are female. It’s a relatively quick and painless procedure but if you are nervous then why not bring a friend or relative with you?

Your practice nurse will be aware of any medical history and able to answer any questions you may have. If any further intervention is needed when your results return, your GP will be able to action this. Although you may feel home testing is a convenient way of keeping up to date with vital screening, at this moment these results, positive or negative, would not be recognised by the NHS and all you will be doing is wasting £50 and who can afford that these days?

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