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Celebrating Employment Success with the NHS Work Academy

Pre-employment success!

HMR Primary Care Academy, in partnership with Rochdale Training and the NHS, we are celebrating the success of our Sector-Based Work Academy. The course focuses on providing excellent customer service to patients, assisting them with queries or appointments as part of a customer service/administration team within the NHS. We've been helping residents in Rochdale gain skills and secure full-time employment in the NHS. In collaboration with Rochdale Training and Job Centre Plus, the course has supported 30 residents, with 13 successfully moving into full-time employment. It's great to see organizations working together to support the community!


We choose to run Sector-based Work Academies as it’s a great way to attract new staff to Primary Care and a rewarding career in the NHS. The calibre of learners demonstrates that our selection process for the training is effective. Everyone on our courses has a willingness to learn and it’s a privilege to support people on their career journey.

Ruth Parton, Pre-employment lead from HMR Primary Care Academy.


Thirteen learners who were offered an interview have successfully progressed onto employment with HMR Primary Care Academy in NHS settings around Greater Manchester. As part of the on-the-job training, you will receive the Level 2 Customer Service qualification in collaboration with Rochdale Training.


I was applying for many jobs online with no success in an interview. I heard about the course at Rochdale training and we were guaranteed an interview I can't thank the teams enough I was successful in getting a placement with RHA.

Feedback from our pre-employment programme - Cohort


This training has been made possible thanks to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, helping everybody gain skills for life and giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with an employer.

What we offer at Primary Care Academy

At HMR Primary Care Academy, we offer a range of training programs and opportunities for individuals interested in joining the healthcare industry. Our Sector Based Work Academy, in partnership with the NHS, focuses on preparing individuals to become part of a customer service/administration team within the NHS. We provide training in excellent customer service, assisting patients with queries or appointments, and offering a friendly face to patients. In addition, we offer in-work training, such as the level 2 Customer Service qualification, to further enhance skills and career prospects. Our goal is to support individuals on their career journey and help them thrive in the rewarding field of healthcare.


If you're considering joining GO FOR IT! You’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain in training and Pre-employment.

Feedback from our pre-employment programme - Cohort


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