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HART Podiatry Service

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

HART (Homeless Alliance Response Team) has launched an improved and more robust podiatry service, especially for the homeless people of Rochdale. Staffed by the Podiatry Service of the Northern Care Alliance it held its first clinic on the 09th June.

The service, which is operated out of the Petrus drop-in centre on Great George Street in Rochdale has already proved extremely popular with the homeless community and appointments are now being made for the next clinic on 07th July.

Research has shown that homeless and rough sleepers who take up the offer of a podiatry service are more than likely to move on and seek out the services of other health care professionals. “By providing services such as this as well as the other range of services that HART make available, we are able to build trust with patients who in turn are more likely to open up about other issues which we can then help with,” said HART nurse Elaine Stone.

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