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HMR Primary Care Academy Virtual Summer School July 2020

In July 2020 Primary Care Academy held a virtual summer school for Rochdale sixth-form students to obtain something akin to medical ‘work experience’, in the current climate where face-to-face work experience is impossible. The session was led by a local GP and PCA Clinical Fellow in Medical Education, Dr Mary Cheshire. It was an opportunity for students to consider what it involves to study and work as a doctor.

The group observed and reflected on videos of doctors at work, using the RCGP ObserveGP online platform, and discussed issues such as medical ethics and the university application process. There was also an opportunity for students to chat with Mary about her work and training, and the highs and the lows of working as a GP.

The students who attended generally had a positive experience of the course with all who attended rating it as either good or excellent. All of the group reflected on the mix of activities as being suitable. When asked whether the course met their expectations 95% answered yes to this question.

An overall theme was that the students who attended gained a better understanding of the work of a GP and how a Doctor works with patients. The interactive format also was appreciated by those who attended the course with a mix of presentations and questions via Kahoot.

The experience was designed to enthuse and inform students about a career in medicine, hopefully as a GP​​​​​. All of the students gave constructive feedback on the course and suggested how we could improve future sessions.

Thank you to all of the group who attended, or helped to organise for their time and enthusiasm.


Word Cloud Diagrams

The Word Cloud diagrams illustrate the feedback we received from the group.

The first shows all the positive aspects gained from the session and the second gives us constructive suggestions on we could improve our future offerings.

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