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Introducing Rochdale Health Alliance's Enhanced Access Services

Welcome to our inaugural 'Our Services - In-Depth' series! Today, we're diving into one of our most essential offerings: Enhanced Access Services. These services represent a vital extension to GP practices, providing flexibility and convenience to patients across Heywood, Middleton, and Rochdale (HMR).

What are Enhanced Access Services?

Enhanced Access Services are designed to extend the standard services offered by GP practices. They are tailored to accommodate individuals with busy schedules, making it easier for them to access healthcare without disrupting their work or family commitments. It's important to note that Enhanced Access is not a walk-in service; appointments must be made through your GP practice reception.

Booking Your Appointment

If your GP practice doesn’t have any appointments available, they should offer you an appointment with the Extended Access Service. They will handle the booking process for you, ensuring that you receive the care you need in a timely manner. You may not see your usual health professional and your appointment will be at one of our locations within Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale.

What to Expect

The Extended Access Service has a range of appointment types available. These may include:

  1. GP Appointments: Consult with a General Practitioner to address your medical concerns.

  2. Long-Term Condition Reviews: Receive comprehensive assessments and support for chronic health conditions.

  3. Health Checks: Monitor your overall health and identify any potential issues early on.

  4. Cervical Smears: Vital screenings to detect early signs of cervical cancer.

  5. ECGs: Electrocardiograms to assess heart health.

  6. Phlebotomy (Blood Taking): Convenient blood tests to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Appointments are available during various times, including weekdays, evenings, weekends, and even bank holidays. Whether you prefer face-to-face consultations or telephone appointments, our clinicians are here to accommodate your needs.

Why Enhanced Access Matters

The significance of Enhanced Access Services extends beyond mere convenience. In an era where local GP practices are often inundated with patients, these services play a crucial role in alleviating pressure on healthcare providers. By offering extended hours and additional appointment options, Rochdale Health Alliance ensures that patients receive timely care without overwhelming their primary care physicians.

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for more insights, updates, and invaluable information from Rochdale Health Alliance. Together, we're committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services that prioritise accessibility, quality, and patient-centric care.

For further inquiries or to book your Enhanced Access appointment, don't hesitate to contact your GP practice.

We're here to support your health and well-being every step of the way.

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Rochdale Health Alliance - NHS Backed and Trusted.

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