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Joe's First Week! GP Receptionist Blog

Last Week, Joe Hickman started his Administration position at Littleborough Group Practice.

I asked Joe to keep a diary of his first week. This is what he had to say...

PS, Welcome to the RHA Family, Joe!

My First Week on Reception at a GP Practice


Stepping into a new role can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when it involves working at the heart of a bustling GP practice. As I embarked on my journey as a receptionist, I eagerly anticipated the challenges and rewards that awaited me. Join me as I recount the experiences, insights, and growth I encountered during my first week working on reception at a GP practice.

Day 1: A Warm Welcome

Walking through the doors on my first day, I was greeted by friendly faces and warm smiles from both staff and patients alike. The reception area buzzed with activity, with phone calls, appointment bookings, and paperwork filling the air. The team wasted no time in making me feel at ease, providing guidance on the essential tasks and familiarising me with the practice's systems.

Day 2: Multitasking Mastery

As the week progressed, I quickly realised that multitasking was a fundamental skill for a receptionist. Juggling phone calls, checking in patients, scheduling appointments, and updating records simultaneously required focus and organisation. Each interaction provided an opportunity to assist patients with empathy and professionalism, understanding their concerns and offering reassurance.

Day 3: The Power of Patience

It became apparent that patience was an invaluable trait in this role. Dealing with individuals of varying moods, complaints, anxieties, and urgent needs demanded the ability to remain calm and composed. Even during busy periods, maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanour was crucial, ensuring patients felt heard and valued.

Day 4: Teamwork and Collaboration

Working on reception reinforced the significance of teamwork within a healthcare environment. Collaborating closely with doctors, nurses, and other administrative staff to relay messages and requests highlighted the interconnectedness of the practice. Communicating test results or medical advice from healthcare providers to patients, assisting with administrative tasks and the whole host of other activities means that effective communication, shared responsibilities, and seamless coordination were essential for smooth operations and quality patient care.

Day 5: Empathy in Action

The final day of my first week presented an opportunity to witness the true impact of empathy. Patients, often vulnerable and seeking comfort, shared their stories and concerns. By actively listening and responding with empathy, I could provide the support they needed, creating a safe space within the confines of the reception area.

Reflection and Future Growth

My first week as a receptionist at a GP practice was an eye-opening experience. It allowed me to witness first-hand the dedication and commitment of the healthcare professionals who work tirelessly to meet the needs of their patients. The role reinforced the importance of strong communication skills, adaptability, and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

Moving forward, I aspire to continue developing my knowledge of medical terminology, practice protocols, and administrative systems. I aim to build stronger relationships with patients, striving to provide them with a positive and supportive experience during their visits.


Working on reception a has been an enlightening and rewarding journey so far. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth, reminding me of the vital role receptionists play in the healthcare system. I look forward to the weeks and months ahead, as I continue to learn, contribute, and make a difference in the lives of patients.


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