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Kickstart Employee Stories

Our Kickstarters - from an honest point of view...

Real-life opinion from our own Kickstarters - It will explain how they feel about the experience of being a Kickstarter and what they would like to accomplish from this possible life-changing scheme.

From the hosts!!!

Some of our Kickstarters are camera shy but still wanted to share their story...

Lucas Bell:

Lucas is a GP Administrator on our Kickstart Scheme, he “wanted to work in healthcare and Kickstart was a convenient and easy way into the healthcare industry”. He found the training the most challenging part of the scheme but says it is worth sticking it out and “anyone with a desire to assist others should definitely consider” working in Primary Care.
Lucas hopes to continue to progress in his current practice and to carry on helping others. His Host is really happy with his growth and has offered Lucas a permanent role after his 6-month placement ends, which he has accepted!

Alex Rose:

My name is Alex Rose and I am absolutely delighted to have been picked to train as a Pharmacy Assistant, in my local hospital’s Pharmacy, as part of the Government’s Kickstart Scheme.
I have already received loads of training, completed online assessments in all different aspects of the business and I am enjoying every day with new experiences, great colleagues and a chance to learn and work with support. I know I am helping the NHS and that by supporting me in the Kickstart Scheme they are helping me find work I can enjoy for the future!

Rebecca Boardman:

Rebecca joined our Kickstart scheme on 1 November 2021 as a GP administrator. Rebecca was looking to return to work after having her second child and wanted experience in an office environment, working as part of the NHS made the scheme even more appealing.
Returning to work as a single Mum was a challenge at first, ‘It was really hard, I just didn’t know how it was going to work with child care and drop off and pick up times.’ Rebecca has now found a routine and is really enjoying her placement and she classes her work colleagues as friends. Her host has been impressed by Rebecca’s work, and after applying for a permanent position she has been offered a full-time position which starts after the scheme completes in April.
‘I really enjoy the variety in work, every day is different and you are always learning new things. I would 100% recommend working in primary care.’

Michelle Davenport (Morgan’s Host):

"The Kickstart scheme is a great opportunity for young people and employers. We need to attract new talent into primary care and our Kickstart placement is a shining star who we are delighted to have in our team. The training provided by HMR Primary Care Academy prior to Morgan starting with us meant she hit the ground running. We are sure Morgan has a great career ahead of her."

Sunil Thacker (Jake’s Host):

"Jake has progressed very well and used his own initiative. He is always being part of the team and going above and beyond for patients. He has completed a lot of his course in a short space of time with real progression and understanding. He has been an excellent addition to the team."

Anonymous (Host):

"Kickstart introduced young candidates to our organisation; an opportunity to work with a young person who has adapted to working life within a busy health organisation.
The benefit of the programme is one of our candidates is a really quick learner, adept with IT and systems, only needs to be shown once to pick up the work and is thoroughly following instructions given to her. We have employed our candidate on a permanent basis for 15 hours per week moving forward just after the placement is coming to an end, so we would advocate once you find the right Kickstart candidate, it can work really well."

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