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Lee's Story: Prince's Trust Work Experience

On the 10th of July 2023, we welcomed Lee, to the Primary Care Academy Team.

Lee is currently on the 12 week Prince's Trust Programme, at Spotland Community Centre (Rochdale) working on his confidence, team working and working life skills.

As part of the Prince's Trust programme, Lee has completed a 2 week work experience placement in the Primary Care Academy Team,

Lee has been working with Meg (GM Recruitment Lead) and Ruth (GM Pre Employment Lead) to develop, plan and design an exciting but informative newsletter for the PCA Team. Lee has also attended various Project meetings, Recruitment events and more.

We asked Lee a few questions about his time with us, here is what he had to say! :

What have you learnt, on your 2 weeks with the Primary Care Academy?

I have learnt how to develop research and planning skills, by creating templates, designing a mood board and newsletter. I have learnt to evaluate my feedback by making a feedback form, taking on constructive criticism.

What would you say to Young People considering doing work experience with us or anyone else?

Honestly, try it to see if you enjoy it! You are trying something new, which may result in a rewarding job with great rates and help start your career.

What are your plans after your time at Primary Care Academy, and how will you use what you have learnt to achieve your goals?

My plans after work experience are looking for employment and also pursuing an opportunity to go to university and explore different subjects.

I will use what I have learnt to achieve my goals by setting out deadlines to get assignments completed while focusing on my daily life.

If you could use 3 words to describe your time with us what would you choose?

o Interesting

o Collaborative

o Supportive

We would like to wish Lee all the best in his future, we just know, what ever he does, he will be amazing!

We are looking forward to welcoming our next Prince's Trust Work Experience Participant in the near future.

*This blog post has been shared with Lee’s permission.

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