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Meet the Heart of Primary Care: Peterloo Medical Centre Filming!

At Rochdale Health Alliance, we've delved behind the scenes to bring you the incredible stories of those who shine within our Primary Care Networks, as three members of our creative team visited Peterloo Medical Centre last week, on the latest LTI day.

In our latest video series, we introduce you to the unsung heroes of primary care. Meet Social Prescribing Link Workers, Darren and Sultan, who passionately connect patients to the right support and services. Their journeys are filled with inspiration, and they share valuable insights for those eager to make a difference in healthcare. Their vast experience within the industry is obvious, and their knowledge for care and excitement for change really shows.

But that's not all! We've also got James, the Office Junior, whose story is fantastic, having previously been on a Kickstart Programme - he has made a career in Primary Care and his passion and empathy really shine. He shares his tips for those who aspire to work within healthcare, specifically Primary Care; and also shares some of the highlights of his working life!

We also shine a spotlight on Sue-Ann, a Trainee Nursing Associate whose journey into primary care embodies growth and dedication - she was helped at the beginning of her healthcare journey by Rochdale Health Alliance, and we are proud of both the Nurse, and more importantly, passionate individual that she has become. Her experiences, challenges, and words of advice will inspire anyone considering a career in healthcare.

Don't miss these heartwarming and insightful interviews! Stay tuned on our social media platforms for these inspiring stories of resilience, passion, and commitment. Join us in celebrating the unsung heroes of primary care who truly make a difference. 🎥👥

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