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My fifth week as a Content Creator Apprentice.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

What I got up to this week...


This week, I've been working on some exciting projects, including visiting Petrus and learning about what they do, brainstorming ideas for a new campaign, and taking photos and videos. Stay tuned for some amazing content coming your way!

Day 1:

let me take you through day one of my fifth week as a content creator apprentice. It was an exciting start as I attended a workshop on social media marketing. I learned some awesome strategies to boost engagement and reach on various platforms. Can't wait to implement them in my upcoming projects!

Day 2:

Day two of my fifth week as a content creator apprentice was all about getting creative. I worked on creating an infographic to accompany our future campaigns. It was a fun challenge to visually represent the information in a captivating way. Can't wait to share it with my audience!

Day 3:

On day three of my fifth week, I had arranged to meet up with Elaine one of the HART nurses, she informed me about Petrus and what they do, which is that Petrus provides residential and day support services to people who are homeless or in housing need. It offers a safe environment where people can develop their skills and independence to empower change. After I took a few photos and learned about Petrus me and Elaine then travelled to a hostel called 'Redfern House' where we set up a table of food and snacks and a hep c stall so the nurses could check the residents of 'Redfearn house' as they are in more of a vulnerable position and can be harder for them to maintain their health.

What is Hep C? Hep C also known as Hepatitis C is a virus that affects your liver. It can be very serious if it's not treated. I took a few photos and learned so much about how caring and helpful Elaine was, It was inspiring to see how Elaine and people like Elaine come forward to help those in need and it gave me some fresh ideas for my upcoming projects. Can't wait to put those storytelling techniques into practice!

Day 4:

Day four of my fifth week was full of learning. I attended Juice Academy where I studied and trained for my content creator apprenticeship I learned some valuable tips and tricks to improve the visibility of my content online and how to understand the company I work for. It's exciting to think about how these strategies will help my work reach a wider audience.

Day 5:

Day five was full of creating content for our social media platform and raising awareness about respect in a GP practice, It is valuable that the public knows how to avoid these obstructions and the significance of respecting each other. I also created a post just about recruiting and raising awareness that Primary Care Academy is also a training and recruitment program and we would love for anyone interested to join! After spending a large amount of effort and research into that I continued to finish off this blog, it's been an exciting, educating and fun week, keep up to date for next week!

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