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My fourth week as a Content Creator Apprentice.

What I got up to this week as a Content Creator Apprentice...

Day 1:

So, let me tell you all about day one of my fourth week as a content creator apprentice. It was a day filled with creativity and productivity! I started my day at Carder Court to involve myself in the first training session with our new cohort at Primary Care Academy. the first session was such a success, I took a cohort group photograph that would be introduced on our social media and took separate photographs of each individual for their ID cards. During the sessions, I would take photographs and videos to then tweet on Twitter which is now known as 'X' to let our training academy be known. Throughout the day I would look through my calendar and see what tasks I need to complete, as it is men's mental health month I created some weekly content of topics that can help men's mental health I finished my first post and then added it to our calendar so it is ready and prepared to be posted on its due date. Overall, it was a day full of inspiration and progress.

Day 2:

Day two of my fourth week as a content creator apprentice was another exciting one. I attended the marketing meeting with Ruth and Jack, collaborating and bouncing ideas off each other is always a great way to generate fresh and exciting content, and we discussed how to enhance our strategies. After the meeting, I got busy with creating a new blog about men's mental health as it is our topic this month, I decided to create the blog so that when people see our posts on social media they can get information and help from our website which is a great way to present information visually and engage your audience.

Ruth and I then took some photographs of the start pack Primary Care Academy bags that you get when you join our Academy. In the bag, you are provided with a Primary Care water bottle, a book, a pen, a stress ball, highlighters, mints and a keyring. After work, I went to purchase a new camera that would help me produce better-quality content.

Day 3:

Day three was a busy one, another day out of the office and joining our new cohort for the second session at Carders Court helping the candidates gain knowledge and testing their knowledge with tasks and quizzes that I helped advertise, I took videos and photographs of our progress throughout the day using my camera for its purpose. A special guest speaker shared his knowledge with the candidates that then led it to be an inspiring session! Later, I continued with my men's mental health posts and added them to the calendar also learned that optimizing my content for search engines is essential for reaching a wider audience I'm always actively seeking opportunities to improve my skills.

Day 4:

The fourth day was another productive day for me. In the morning, I attended a meeting where we discussed everyone's progress what we've achieved and what are our plans, we came up with a decision that we want to create a campaign and launch it in January so keep up to date! Conferences are a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies in the industry, I gained valuable insights. In the afternoon, you collaborated with your team to create a social media campaign for our company to raise awareness we discussed our aim our target audience and different strategies to use to market it. It's always exciting to work on new projects and see your ideas come to life.

Day 5:

On day five of my fourth week as a content creator apprentice, I am enjoying my progress, working on exploring new ideas and new experiences. Today I'm working from home and finishing off my blog on my fourth week as a content apprentice, I'll be finishing my questionnaire for our future campaign and creating a video that explains what primary care academy is and what we offer to you when you train with us. I've got lots of plans next week, so keep up to date with my weekly blogs!

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