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My Seventh Week as a Content Creator Apprentice.

What I did this week...


In these past weeks, I've been working on various projects, collaborating with my team, and sharing my experiences with the world. As I continue on this exciting journey, my enthusiasm and dedication shine through. Let's dive into my 7th week and make it another amazing chapter in my content creator apprenticeship!

Day 1:

Monday was mostly all about organising what I had planned for this week. In the morning I had an effective meeting all discussing and including our ideas. I then went on to post my blog on 'Triangle of Care' on our Instagram story and add it to our highlights, I was mostly organising our Instagram highlights and following our guidelines making sure everything was visually pleasing. Due to everyone having the flu now, I decided to create a Flu Jab post as a reminder for the public to get the flu jab, I then popped it in notion for a date to be posted.

Day 2:

On day two I was out of the office and at Juice Academy training we covered so much that helped me in my content creator apprenticeship. From learning about reactive content to schedule planning, research and insights, and even campaigns, We did a lot of group work that also increased my teamwork skills. This taught me that there's so much more to look into when being a content creator for a company.

Day 3:

Day three was a productive day, I had the opportunity to help and advise people to join the Primary Care Academy at the job centre in Rochdale. It's wonderful to see myself and Ruth making a positive impact and supporting others in their career journeys. I was also sharing photos on Twitter and Facebook tagging our current location so the public would come join us. It is a great way to document and make our audience aware of these moments.

Day 4:

On day four I had the opportunity to visit Milnrow Practice with nurse Zoe and learn about the nurse forums. In the session, there were nurses who specialised in certain areas helping to educate other nurses who attended. It was an insightful experience. I'm going to write a blog about more in this area so keep up to date on our socials and website!

Day 5:

Finally, on day five, I uploaded a post raising awareness for the flu jab ensuring our audience that it is flu season and if you are someone who gets flu more frequently would advise you to contact your GP and get the flu jab, I posted this on Instagram, twitter and Facebook and I then also finished off your week 7 blog as a content apprentice. I have been super productive and dedicated to my content creation journey. I'm excited to see what the future holds next...

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