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My Sixth Week as a Content Creator Apprentice.

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

What I did this week as a Content Creator Apprentice...


This week I have been on visits to Petrus and on a journey with the HART nurses experiencing and stepping into their world it has been a captivating and heartwarming experience helping those in need. I've written a few blogs refreshing our website with new content and informing our audience of our services. Also, we discovered some special news that we've been nominated and finalised for the Diversity Awards! How exciting to see us grow and get recognised for our extraordinary services.

Day 1:

I started my first day of the week, by writing up my blog 'On my visit with the HART Nurses' on the visit to Redfern house with the HART nurses. I wrote about what the HART nurses do and their aims, I also included what Petrus's aims were and what they offer, breaking down the important information for the audience to have a better understanding of one of Primary Cares Health services that's provided by Rochdale Health Alliance.

Day 2:

Day two was a productive day for me, I was looking forward to Tuesday as I had arranged to meet Elaine (HART Nurse) at Petrus Hub to capture some new content. I wanted some video content showing what they offer at Petrus. Before taking any footage I had to ask for everyone's permission to be in videos or photos, if they agreed they signed a form, some didn't mind being filmed some preferred not to which wasn't a problem due to almost everyone agreeing. At 9 am Petrus Hub serves breakfast for the homeless so they can sit, eat and socialise. On my visit to Petrus Hot food was served, Hepatitis C testing was available, blood pressure was checked and a clothing rack with clothes that had been donated to them.

Day 3:

On my third day of the week, I looked at the calendar to see what was planned, so I could create future content for our socials. Due to my recent HART visits, I've decided to venture more into the HART nurse world to expand their reputation and post weekly vlogs about what they do, for example showing that they make free breakfast at 9 am for the homeless. I'm hoping to spread awareness about HART and Petrus to help people who might need to visit Petrus and to show appreciation towards people who work there and genuinely care about others.

Day 4:

Day four was another productive day, on Thursday Ruth and I discussed marketing strategies and looked into some products that we could give out at events. I finished off putting all my short clips from Petrus's visit into one video introducing Petrus and what they do, I put it up into my calendar to remind me when to post. In the afternoon we went to Peter Loo Medical Centre for a meeting to discuss our plans for the future and to see where we're up to. We received some amazing news that we have been nominated for the Diversity Awards, so I was informed to send off some videos and photos in an email by Friday.

Day 5:

Wow, what a week on my final day I started my blog about my 6th week as a Content Creator Apprentice, and I published the blog for the 'Triangle of Care' that's related to the HART Nurses. Today is the deadline for sending off the emails for the HART and Primary Care Academy Diversity awards that we were nominated for I got stuck in ensuring that the correct information was sent and what footage was worthy. it's been a fantastic week and I can't wait for more productive days and growth!

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