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My third week as a Content Creator Apprentice.

How my third week went as a Content Creator Apprentice...


Join me on this exciting journey as I dive into the world of Content Creation. From blogs to videos, I'll be sharing my passion and creativity with you all. Get ready for some awesome content, tips and tricks along the way. Let's embark on this adventure together and make some amazing content magic happen!

Day 1: setting goals

Day one was filled with excitement and new opportunities! I started the day by brainstorming ideas for my next blog post. Then, I had a productive meeting with my team to discuss the content calendar and upcoming projects. Later that day I collaborated with the care home nurses to arrange a day I could join them on a visit to film and create content about what they do. I was buzzing with creativity and passion throughout the day, bringing my ideas to life. It was an amazing start to my third week, and I can't wait to share more about the rest of my adventures as a content apprentice!

Day 2: Exploring new content creation techniques and tools

Let's talk about day two of my third week! It was another exciting day filled with creativity and learning. I started the day by researching the latest trends in content creation to stay ahead of the game. It was breast cancer awareness day so I began to research and created a blog about breast screening is essential to get if you have been invited to an appointment and when you should get it checked, after creating my blog I prepared an Instagram post to advertise the blog and spread awareness on social media.

Day 3: Collaborating with other workers within primary care and learning from each other

Let's dive into day three of my third week. It was a day filled with exciting opportunities and creative exploration! I started the day by looking at my calendar and seeing what adventure I had planned for the day. I headed down to Middleton Hub located in the Middleton Shopping Center, so I had the chance to interview Kate Fisher to gain more information about the hub and what was its purpose. Keep up to date with the new blog on the Middleton hub and learn more about it, it is a new NHS service venue that will provide additional services that can be delivered including evening and weekend appointments from your nurse and GPs.

Day 4: overcoming challenges and finding creative solutions

The fourth day was filled with amazing experiences and learning opportunities at Juice Academy for those who don't know during the weeks I attend The Juice Academy for training within my Content Creator Apprenticeship. I learned valuable lessons and skills in my 1st session that will be useful and help me with building a brand. Their wisdom and expertise left me feeling inspired and motivated. In the afternoon I started to plan what I could post next on social media. learning techniques to boost the visibility of my blog and reach. It was a day of creativity, learning and growth.

Day 5: Reflections on your growth and looking forward to the next week

Day five was a day out of the office, working from home to finish my blog on this week and the health benefits we get from pumpkins I thought it was a good idea since it is "pumpkin season" I posted it on Instagram to share awareness and share information that would be knowledgable to our target audience. I began to finish off my Juice Academy playbook for my portfolio. After I ticked off my things to do on my "to-do list" I then looked in my calendar for next week and began to plan and arrange my days for next week.

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