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New Beginning

At the recent New Beginning event held on the 03rd March, there were numerous reasons for those attending. Many service users attended to speak to the professionals there, but also a group presented stage dramas using actions rather than words. This was related to their recovery and the system barriers they faced during that and in some cases still do.

Several of those who attended had been successful in their recovery up to date, and spoke openly about their success and challenges and aims for the future.

Colin had been coming to Petrus every day for breakfast and was seen by HART for support with his health and well-being.

He had his eyesight checked by the optician and had 2 sets of glasses prescribed.

Needless to say - he was thrilled to bits!

Colin also attends the Petrus gardening group, which is the allotment next door to Croft Shifa and last week, he got his new glasses and a new pair of work boots!

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