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Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship

Our BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) Degree Apprenticeship is designed to support the development of confident, professional nurses, able to deliver and lead adult care within an ever-changing health and social care environment. You can offer structured on-the-job training and a nationally recognised qualification in nursing, helping you attract the best new talent and retain valued staff through career progression. Your apprentices will be able to put their new skills and understanding into practice immediately, benefitting your organisation and the communities you serve without delay.

This programme has been fully mapped to the Registered Nurse Degree (NMC 2018) Apprenticeship standard (ST0781) and study at the University will complement learning in your workplace. We’ll work with you to devise individual learning agreements for each of your apprentices, ensuring they fulfil the criteria of the apprenticeship, as well as develop additional skills and knowledge valuable for your organisation.

Our passionate and knowledgeable staff will support your apprentices as they learn to care for adults with acute and long-term illnesses, in the hospital and at home, and gain expertise in health promotion and disease prevention. On successful completion of this qualification, your apprentices will possess the knowledge and skills needed to perform as independent, highly competent, compassionate nurses who can be trusted to maintain professional standards and assure the protection of the public.

If your employee is a qualified nursing associate or assistant practitioner, then they may be able to join this course at Level 2 (HE5) and top-up their existing foundation degree to achieve the BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) and complete the degree apprenticeship in two years or less. This well-recognised route for healthcare practitioners recognises and values their prior learning and experience and allows them to take on full nursing responsibilities more quickly.

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