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Sign Language Training

The HMR Primary Care Academy has linked with Sign4Allcommunications to provide sign language training.

A look at what the days offered...

The training covered the following topics:

  • How to be an effective verbal and non-verbal communicator within the workplace – this covers the correct usage and delivery of sign language.

  • Contextualisation of the hearing impaired/deaf customer journey through your environment awareness of the deaf perspective and identification of potential areas of concern or conflict.

  • Creating and training staff in the use of a bespoke sign vocabulary for your environment.

  • We use role-play and interactive activities to elicit an understanding of real-life scenarios and situations.

  • Access to a site-specific video library of signs in common use in your setting

Everyone is asked by the facilitator, to view and keep the two sheets below so they could start practising the alphabet - as this would help them with the course.

A few photos from the recent Sign Language training days...

Some feedback from the days... Hayley Whatmough Amazing course and tutors. Wish I had learned sign language sooner. Informative and promotes equality and diversity

Ashlee Ward Really approachable and good help.

Judith Redkwa Very approachable, engaging, and enthusiastic

Bev Howard Felt very comfortable learning, explained things very well and had fun. Amy constantly reassured new signs I was doing were done correctly and helped if unsure

Tim Royales I came hoping to learn some basic signs for work and this is what happened - amazing

Lauren Nuttall Just wanted to say the sign language course was amazing!!! Amy was fantastic, enthusiastic and passionate! It was well led and the team massively benefited from it! We left feedback on the day but wanted to thank you for the opportunity and to tell you it was amazing!! Thank you so much We all would like to say a massive thank you to Amy Hand @ Sign4all, please take a look at their Facebook page.

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