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The Apprentice Diaries: Month 9

Come and look at what I've been up to this month!

Welcome back to my blog! This month marks my ninth month as a content creator, and it has been filled with exciting activities, creative projects, and personal growth. Here’s a detailed look at what I accomplished throughout the month.

Week 1

The month kicked off with a busy Monday, creating health check posters for the Health Fest event at Riverside, I started editing a pharmacy video which is about the new services the pharmacy first offers and promoting the upcoming Well Fest event that was taking place on the 13th June created by Primary Care Academy. I also posted a celebration for Pride Month. Tuesday was dedicated to my training day at Juice Academy expanding my knowledge of marketing and social media content creation. On Wednesday, 29th May 2024 there was an event to celebrate HART I attended the event and took photos and videos, so on Wednesday I wrote a blog and posted videos from the event showcasing the support and hard work that HART has accomplished. Thursday was the day of the health fest event, where I was taking photos and videos capturing moments, helping with the setup, and sharing the images online we had two placement nurses from Salford University helping us do health checks out our stall. Friday was a day for posting more Health Fest photos, working on BUD tasks which is a part of my apprenticeship learning where I study a topic and then complete an assessment., and logging my self-study activities such as watching a video 'how to make your own podcast', taking a look on padlet and clicking on the useful links that Juice Academy have provided to me, so I can learn more things such as my end point assessment.

Week 2

The second week began with a focus on advocacy and health. I posted about the "No Excuse for Abuse" campaign which is about raising awareness of abuse in GP practises from staff and the public my content included percentages and quotes to make it more straightforward and bold, I then created a trans health post to show support on Pride Month discussing and sharing awareness about trans cervical screenings, and sent HART event photos to Mandy for a press release. Tuesday involved a trip to Wigan with Ruth, where I took videos, and photos, and assisted with mock interviews. I also posted photos from the HART event. Wednesday featured a Wellness Wednesday post that we post religiously every Wednesday to give our audince advice on how to become a better version of themselves, it is based on improving mental and physical health, I then sent an email to Gill about a trans health cervical screening post to see if the information was correct before posting, and then creating a new template and posting of a new job vacancy. On Thursday, I shifted focus to our team PCA meeting at Peterloo where we discussed what we have achieved in the past weeks such as growth on social media, insights, wellfest and future ideas and plans. On Friday, I created a post for the stop-smoking service and continued my BUD learning sessions.

Week 3

In the third week, Monday was dedicated to posting about the stop-smoking service in some Pharmacies and continuing work on certificates for WSellfest. By Wednesday, I shared another Wellness Wednesday post, finalised and printed certificates, created posters for the Wellfest with Georgia, and emailed Gill for her digital signature to put on the certificates. Thursday was eventful with the Wellfest and awards night, from 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm was the day of Wellfest. Wellfest is an event organised by the HMR Primary Care Academy for NHS staff in Heywood, Middleton, and Rochdale, the focus is on improving staff well-being and mental health. The event featured activities like meditation and mindfulness with crystal, sound baths with new beginnings, circus skills with skylight circus, wreath making with stars and stitches, Pilates with Ensemble Pilates, hair and makeup sessions as well as manicures and hand massages with Hopwood Hall college students. They also had stalls from Andy Man's Club, Rochdale Mind, Metro Wise-Money, and Living Well Rochdale where they gave free health checks such as taking blood pressure and offering valuable resources and support. We also had little activities such as drawing, jigsaw, cards, reading and Nintendo Switch gaming as extra activities that you can just join without booking. We made sure our guests had a satisfactory lunch as we provided food to cater to various dietary needs with options like vegetarian, halal, vegan, and pre-ordered meals. It was a fantastic sucessful event that gain alot opf positive feedback.

Also awards night It was such a fulfilling event watching people get rewarded for all their efforts and reuniting the workers of RHA. The night was all about praising their hard work and letting them know that we recognise their determination and dedication. At the event, there was fresh barbeque food cooked from outside, we gave out tickets to guests to get a free drink from the bar and there was tea, coffee and water available. There wasn't a quiet seat in the room with Michael Bradshaw keeping our guests laughing, cheering and entertained during these events I took photos and videos and ensured it ran smoothly. On Friday, I posted the ' A celebration of HART' blog and continued BUD tasks, logged self-study activities, and edited and posted content from the Wellfest and awards night.

Week 4

The fourth week started with a meeting with Sadhna about the Pharmacy First video on Monday where we discussed what we wanted to get out there and what type of footage to use as now Sadhna has retired after working as a pharmacist for 44 years and the pharmacy we filmed at is no longer owned by Sadhna so we discussed some changes. I also created and posted about contraception services that some pharmacies can apply to our audince, shared Wellfest videos, and edited an awards night video. by putting all our footage into one. On Tuesday, I created a "Meet the Team" template for Tommy and posted it as we are coming to an end with our "Meet the Team" series! I then got ahead of myself and created a Wellness Wednesday post for Wednesday, and I created a men's mental health post for Friday as that was the last day of men's mental health week and revised the trans cervical screening post with feedback from Gill went back to correct the content before posting. Wednesday involved sharing a Wellness Wednesday post on all our social media platforms, I started by organising files on the N drive, creating a template then promoting our HART blog, and updating social media. Thursday's tasks included working on the pharmacy video, starting a blog about my ninth month as an apprentice, and posting the trans health cervical screening post to raise awareness about cervical screenings. On Friday, I updated my portfolio, completed my BUD tasks and posted the men's mental health content.

Week 5

The final week of the month I shared the awards video I created on Monday, developed a Wellness Wednesday post, created a Wellfest video, and downloaded footage for my catch-up juice session for Wednesday, I created a winner template for our winners at the awards preparing to post one day through this week. On Tuesday, I posted the Well Fest video, practised writing minutes while shadowing Stacey in a staff engagement meeting got a minute template from Stacy and gained a new skill in writing minutes, I wrote a paragraph about a recap of Well Fest for the RHA newsletter, downloaded Peterloo videos, organised minutes and notes, created a new Well Fest video, emailed Zoe for help with distributing abuse leaflets, printed abuse leaflets, reviewed well fest feedback for the newsletter, and collected emails from Hopwood students on NHS App placements. Wednesday was another Wellness Wednesday post and I attended my very last juice session but I did not fully complete the apprenticeship until I had done my assessments and other tasks it has been such a fantastic journey with juice and I will miss the fantastic people I have met there so now I will be focusing on completing my apprenticeship and course work. Thursday involved posting awards photos, editing the pharmacy video, writing a cervical trans blog, downloading Peterloo videos starting to put the videos together, and drafting a write-up for Mandy about the awards for the RHA newsletter. The month wrapped up on Friday with updating my portfolio, posting Wellfest updates tagging people who accompanied us recognising winners of the awards by posting and tagging them in our social media posts, and continuing to edit Peterloo videos.


This month has been a blend of creativity, engagement, and continuous learning. From health and wellness campaigns to significant events like the health fest and awards night, I’ve had the opportunity to develop a variety of content. My work in video editing, social media management, and blog writing has deepened my understanding of content creation and its impact.

As I look back on these nine months, I am grateful for the growth and experiences I've gained. I’m excited to continue this journey and see what the next months hold!

Thank you for following along with my journey. Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes looks into my life as a content creator!

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