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The Journey Continues: Reflections from Week 15 as a Content Creator Apprentice

Hello everyone! Welcome to my 15th week as a content creator apprentice, I'm so excited to share with you what progress I've made this week. It's been a week full of exciting experiences, focusing on gaining skills and growing in new opportunities.

On Monday I looked at videos from Peterloo and smear test videos, booked a meeting for Tuesday for a podcast, and then organised the content for the week for the joy in January campaign.

On Tuesday, I kicked off the week by attending the Primary Care Podcast workshop on Zoom. It was such an eye-opening experience to learn about the world of podcasting and how it can be a powerful platform for sharing knowledge and educating the public with professional healthcare advice. I left feeling inspired and excited to explore podcasting further. I dedicated my time to finishing up the abuse campaign leaflet. This project is about raising awareness and supporting those affected by abuse within GP surgeries. I hope when it gets out it displays a powerful message and educates the public.

Wednesday and Thursday were a day filled with creativity and fun as you took on camera operations at Better Business Network. Being behind the scenes and capturing all the action must have been such a thrilling experience. My skills in camera operations continued to grow, and I felt like I was becoming a pro. I met some remarkable intelligent people, looking at the political sides of saving the planet and how businesses work and connect, it was a fantastic opportunity to network and I’d love to continue exploring occasions like this thanks to Juice Academy for helping me hear about this outstanding opportunity.

Finally, on Friday, I  focused on my writing skills by working on my blog post. Which I hope you are all enjoying.  I shared our "Joy for Jan" post. This post radiated positivity and gave people something positive to do this January 2024. Then finish off my Juice Academy playbook work and complete my bud tasks. it’s been an extremely busy and productive week and I’ve loved every bit of it!

My week was filled with growth, creativity, and making a positive impact. Hopefully, you will be captivated by my journey and inspired by your dedication. Hope to see you all next week!


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