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Unleashing Creativity: My 10th Week as a Content Creator Apprentice

How my 10th week went as a content creator apprentice...

Welcome back! Today, I want to take you on a journey through my 10th week as a content creator apprentice. It's been a whirlwind of creativity, learning, and exciting experiences, let's dive right in.

On the first day of my 10th week, I received exciting approval from Petrus to post my video. It was such a great feeling to finally share my hard work with the world! I also published my pre-employment blog and made sure to promote it on our social media platforms. It's important to get the word out, right? But that wasn't all! I had the opportunity to work on creating a post to announce our joy in January campaign. It was a fun and creative project that allowed me to showcase our company's upcoming plans. I'm looking forward to spreading joy in January!

Day 2 was filled with exciting tasks, I dedicated my time to working on the "Joy in January" campaign, exploring various marketing strategies to make it a success. Additionally, I took a significant step by starting MY 10th-week blog, which will allow me to share my experiences and insights with my audience. Looking ahead, I began planning my Wellness Wednesday post for next week, showing great foresight and organization.

Day 3 was eventful, In the morning, I had a meeting with Ruth and the Juice Academy, where I likely discussed getting signed on the course. Then I started creating a feedback template and adding it to my calendar. after doing this I started signing up for Bud and completing the assessment. Lastly, after getting Petru's approval I began to post the HART video on TikTok as it was an excellent way to showcase my creativity and engage with our audience.

Day 4 was exciting, I kicked off the day by making the Joy Jan announcement, sharing the excitement of the upcoming campaign with our audience. and also keeping the momentum going by continuing to work on my blog, providing valuable content to our readers. moving forward to posting a story about the new pre-employment program in Bury on our social media platforms and website showing our dedication to sharing important updates and opportunities. It was fun to help decorate the office for Christmas, adding a festive touch to the workspace. Of course, lastly, I arranged a meeting with Georgia and Jack to discuss future marketing ideas which was full of creativity and collaboration.

Day 5 was a productive one!  I accomplished a lot by finishing up my blog, which is a great milestone. I took the time to explore more ideas for the "Joy in Jan" campaign. coming up with some fantastic concepts to spread joy and positivity. lastly, I started to look at Bud and worked on my Juice Academy tasks catching up on work and showing continuous learning and growth.

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