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Unleashing Creativity: My 11th Week as a Content Creator Apprentice

How my 11th week went...

Welcome back to my blog, this is my 11th week as a content creator apprentice at Rochdale Health Alliance. This week was filled with growth, engaging and exciting activities. From working on my Joy in January template to finally announcing it on our socials, I'm enjoying seeing my progress and making my ideas come to life.


Let's dive into day one of my productive day. From editing Peterloo clips to having weekly meetings with Jack and Ruth to discuss marketing plans, my day was filled with creative and productive moments. I also worked on the Joy in Jan template and completed the Wellbeing Wednesday template, showing my dedication to spreading positivity and wellness. And let's not forget about the upcoming opportunity that Better for Business has offered me through Juice Aacdemy as a camera operator in January! I'm super pleased and excited to be making great strides in my career.


Day 2, In my 11th week as a content creator apprentice, I headed to the Juice Academy to expand my knowledge even further. Learning about copywriting and exploring the world of social media platforms. It's great to be dedicated and keep honing my skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. I'm excited to learn more at the Juice Academy and how it will influence my content creation journey.


Day 3 was a busy and productive one. displaying our Wellness Wednesday post on our social media platforms which was based on well-being in the workplace and how it is essential, this was a great way to inspire and engage our audience. And later on, having a meeting with Dawn was a significant opportunity to collaborate and present to Dawn my new ideas. AS January is coming up fast, I posted the announcement about our Joy in Jan campaign launching in January, I'm excited to see how it goes and the positive effect it will have on our audience. Lastly, Christmas is coming to an end so is the elf on the shelf, we incorporated the elf-on-the-shelf concept into healthcare and local GP practices from our well-being boxes we gave out to our staff within GP practices, I posted some of 'H'Elf on shelf' version on Instagram and Twitter. It's wonderful to see everyone's cooperation and creativity shining through.


Day 4 was packed with exciting moments. Starting by posting my pre-employment feedback post which was a valuable way to share experiences and insights with our audience. And having a meeting at Peterloo to discuss our progress and plans showing how invested I am in my work. I'm thrilled to hear about the ideas and plans that were discussed during the meeting. I feel like I'm making great strides in my apprenticeship and leaving a positive impact.


Day 5 was a whirlwind of creativity and productivity, Editing Peterloo videos was a fun and engaging task. Posting a poll about the Elf on the Shelf competition on our social media platforms and website; was a fantastic way to engage our audience and generate excitement. Moving on to finally finishing my Week 11 blog, sharing my amazing insights and experiences. Once I edited the Peterloo videos I posted one on TikTok and Instagram reels these short clips will be released as like a series of workers within primary Care, so keep up to date with us on our social media. Once they were all done I started to continue my playbook work from Juice Academy.

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