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Week 8: Unleashing Creativity Adventures as a Content Creator Apprentice

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

What my week went like as a content creator...

Week 8 is here...

Are you ready for another exciting week as a content creator apprentice? Week 8 is here, and I can already feel the creativity flowing! As an apprentice. This week is all about diving into new topics and exploring fresh ideas.

On day one I dived right into your 8th week as a content creator apprentice writing about Stone Field Surgery's winning in the breast screening competition I made sure to highlight their achievements and raise awareness about the importance of breast screening. I then had an insightful meeting with Dawn, Ruth, Jack, and Georgia, which included a lot of collaborating and brainstorming new ideas as it is always a great way to keep the creative juices flowing and staying up to date with the latest happenings. Later on, I began posting a feedback post on Instagram from the pre-employment program! It's essential to share others' experiences and engage with your audience. Lastly, teasing our audience with the upcoming cervical screening event at the Deeplish Community Centre was a great way to build anticipation and keep our followers engaged.

Day 2 was productive! I started by working on the breast screening competition blog at Stonefield Surgery and emailing the practice manager to ensure the information was correct and okay for publishing. Later on at 12:pm, I attended the cervical cancer screening event with Nurse Zoe at Deeplish Community Centre it was an amazing opportunity to see Zoe in her element helping those in need and to capture some photos and videos. It's so important to raise awareness about these screenings and encourage the community to prioritize their health. Taking videos and photos to share on Twitter was a brilliant idea! Inviting everyone to join the event through social media, made a positive impact and spread valuable information.

Day 3 was filled with productive and collaborative moments. starting off having a one-to-one with Ruth was a great way to stay on track and make sure I was doing well. it gave us time to start thinking ahead and brainstorming future campaigns for January. Planning is key! After our one to one, my next plan was to finish my breast screening blog, and I did! Then moving on to Sharing it on our Instagram story with a link to the blog section on the Rochdale Health Alliance website it was a smart move to drive traffic and engage your audience.

Day 4 was another busy and exciting day for me! Starting the nurse forum blog and including the photos you took from your visit to Milnrow Practice as it is a great way to share our experiences and insights. Using my raw footage made it more realistic and I'm sure our audience will find it informative and engaging. I took the opportunity during my break to capture footage outside Petrus for my vlog with the HART nurses. Adding those clips will make my vlog even more interesting! After adding the clips together and finishing off the video I reached out to Petrus, reaching out to Petrus for permission to use the footage shows us as a company are professional and respectful. Lastly, after ticking the boxes on my to-do list I started creating leaflets and exploring different designs for future campaigns, I enjoyed it as it is a creative and important task making sure I pay attention to detail as it will surely make our campaigns stand out.

Day 5, I feel like I've accomplished so much already i started by finishing both my nurse forums blog and my week 8 content creator blog felt like such an achievement. Moving on to creating a post for World AIDS Day on Instagram it was a wonderful way to raise awareness and show support. I then got stuck in continuing to plan for future campaigns and exploring different ways to promote our company. My creativity and strategic thinking will definitely make a difference. This week I feel like I'm making a positive impact with your content creation skills.

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