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Week 9: Unleashing Creativity and Collaboration as a Content Creator Apprentice.

How my 9th week as a content creator apprentice went...

Join me through the highlights of week 9...

Welcome back to my blog, where I share my journey as a content creator apprentice. This week has been filled with exciting moments, creative collaborations, and new discoveries. Join me as I take you through the highlights of week 9 in the world of content creation. Let's get started!

Day 1 of week 9 was a super productive day to start the week with. I started off by having a meeting with Jack and Ruth, after that I even arranged another meeting with Jack and Georgia for later in the week. I then created a "Hello January" template for our future campaign announcement. It's always exciting to plan. I continued working on my blog about the cervical screening event at Deeplish Community Centre, I included essential information about the topic. I created and started the pre-employment success blog and added it to be finished in my calendar for a specific date, I have really been making progress! Oh, and I emailed Elaine about the Petrus video approval out of respect for Petrus and RHA. Lastly, I came up with the idea of creating a draft gratitude journal for our 'Joy in Jan' campaign, which is a wonderful project that allows me to show my creativity skills.

Day 2 of week 9 was a valuable training day at Juice Academy. Learning about social media channels and how to build better relationships with clients, colleagues, and suppliers is crucial for success as a content creator. It's great that I'm expanding my knowledge and skills in these areas. I'll keep soaking up that knowledge and applying it to my work.

Day 3 of week 9 was super productive for me. Creating a template from scratch using our brand colours and posting a post about Care Certificate Day, was such a great way to celebrate and raise awareness. I put up job adverts on our website and shared them on social media with a link for our audience to gain easier access to our website as it is a smarter move to reach a wider audience. I'm glad to tell you that I finally finished my cervical screening blog and published it following up with then sharing it on social media with a link to our website making it easily accessible to our audience.

Day 4 of week 9 yet again another fantastic productive day for me. Having a meeting with Ruth in the morning to discuss tasks and plans for the week helped me greatly keep up and stay organized. I put another job advert on our website and shared it on social media. It's been easier to keep up with my week 9 blog as I've been actively working on it too. Later on in the day, I arranged a meeting with Georgia to discuss ideas for future campaigns, and we were making changes to the cookbook template releasing our creativity skills and attention to detail.

Day 5 of week 9 was a day full of creativity and collaboration. starting by finishing off my week 9 blog as a great accomplishment. Shared my blog on nurse forums on social media platforms including links for easier access for the audience. Exploring different campaign ideas and marketing strategies and being dedicated to finding innovative ways to promote the RHA and PCA. Then later on in the evening, I arranged a meeting with Jack and Georgia to discuss new ideas and strategies it was a fantastic opportunity to brainstorm and plan for the future. That was my week! It was a valuable and productive week gaining skills and experience more and more... I can't wait for next week!

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