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Occupational Therapy Apprentices - Extended Scope Placement.


Hey there, it's Mel and Rachael, the occupational therapy apprentices! We're super excited to be joining RHA and PCA for the next eight weeks as part of our extended scope placement. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Let us tell you a little about ourselves! We're both pursuing Occupational Therapy through the apprenticeship program at the Northern Care Alliance (NCA). We're currently in our second year of studies at Sheffield Hallam University. Rachael works with the Community Neuro team and Mel is part of the Community Stroke team. We're so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow in our field!

So what is the extended scope or role emerging placement? Extended scope placement refers to a work placement where occupational therapists (OTs) work in emerging or non-traditional practice areas or settings that do not currently have an OT in post. This placement provides a great opportunity for us students to explore new roles, expand our skills, and address emerging needs in this area. Specifically, we have identified that we would like to work with GP practice staff, focusing on their health and wellbeing.

We've just finished our first week at PCA, where we've been shadowing lots of different services. And we got to attend their amazing Wellfest Day! We had a great time chatting with the staff and gathering information. We're hoping to identify areas where we can provide some support and help out with any challenges they're facing. We'll keep you updated next week on what we find out!


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