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Well done and thanks to you too!

This year’s GP Patient Survey has seen two of our surgeries ranked extremely highly. So, it’s a well done to them and a thank you to you their patients, for thinking so well of them.

Milnrow Village Practice in Rochdale has had excellent feedback from their patients – 100% of those surveyed rated their overall experience as good. This means that the practice is ranked 11th out of 6418 practices in England.

Meanwhile, over at the Trinity Medical Centre in Rochdale, they have had similarly great feedback – 97% of those surveyed said they felt their dealings with the centre had been good. This puts them firmly in the top 100 practices in England ranking them 67th out of 6418.

The past year hasn’t been easy and there have been a number of significant changes within Primary Care and how patients are treated. Thank you for recognising that we always try our best in what are very trying conditions.

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